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Here you'll find our handy 'how to' videos + downloadable 'paper' instructions to take you through the build step by step.

It's easy. You got this.

Take a pic when you are done + hashtag #mustardmade
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Instruction Videos

Watch the video through before you start then have it
on hand to guide you as you go.

NOTE: Our earlier Shorty + Skinny lockers only had one lock hole on the side panels. If yours has one small hole on one side you need to make sure it goes on the left side closest to the front when building your Shorty. OR on the right side closest to the front when building your Shorty to the Left.

Newer lockers have lock holes on all sides so there's no wrong way!

The Twinny video is coming soon...

For now you can watch the video for The Midi, it's the same method just a bit taller!

 Instructions Downloads

We've made our instructions as helpful as we possibly could!
We want to make building your locker stress free. 
You can download all our instructions below.
download instructions for the shorty mustard made locker
Download Instructions for Mustard Made Locker - Shorty to the LeftDownload Instructions for Mustard Made Locker -SkinnyDownload Instructions for Mustard Made Locker -LowdownDownload Instructions for Mustard Made Locker - Mididownload instructions for Mustard Made The Twinny Locker


Tricky bits

Here's some handy hints for the bits some people get stuck on.

How do I remove the top?

If you ever need to take the locker apart you'll have to take the top panel off. It's the only tricky bit but once you've watched this video you'll know what to do + the rest is easy!



The door isn't fitting in right?

This is most likely because the little hole in the leg is on the wrong side. You need the holes to be closest to the front. To fix this you'll need to push up the base from underneath + remove it. You'll then be able to push the leg out so you can turn it around the correct way.

I can't get the top on?

It can take a little bit of jiggling to get the top in the right place. The key thing is to make sure the two sides + the back are slotted into the grooves on the inside. Check this carefully + when you are happy they are all in place, push down hard. 
If any part is not correctly slotted into the grooves, push the panel up and realign. If you need to remove the top watch the video above for tips.

Why does the door keep falling off?

This one is easy! At the top of the door you just need to bend up the little tab to hold the L-shape bracket in place.


I've lost/I'm missing a bit!?

Don't worry, we have lots of spare parts! 
Just email us at tell us what you are missing
+ your postage details, we can send you what you need! 

There's lots more juicy info on our Frequently Asked Questions page too! 

Still not sure? Email us at