The Mustard Story

2017 Dream big

We’re two sisters, living on opposite sides of the planet. Becca, who lives in Newcastle, Australia and Jess, who lives in London. We always dreamed of starting a business together so when Becca had a new baby and Jess came to visit, we got talking about our dream once again.

The spark

We were walking by the ocean and pondering a question: What is it that you love that is uniquely you? Becca thought about her home and studio... It sparked an idea! She had a random selection of metal lockers. One flaky old one found on the side of the road, a few from antique stores and some new. You see, she's always had a thing for lockers!

Bring it on

From that day the work began. Researching, reading, drawing, dreaming, meetings, writing endless lists and seeking out a manufacturer that could bring our ideas to life. We flew round the world and met in China to learn as much as possible about creating our perfect products. We got to see our very first samples be born. It was magic.

2018 The launch

So then we took a gamble. We booked a space at a trade show in Sydney and prepared for launch. Samples were made, photos were taken, branding was finalised and list after list got ticked off. It was happening. Mustard launched with two products in six colours. We named them The Shorty and The Skinny.


Going global

Our next big move was for Jess to quit her job and launch Mustard in the UK. It was a really big deal to us, we were now all-in. Thankfully, the UK couldn’t get enough of our lockers and pretty soon we were selling lockers throughout Europe too!

2019 New new new

We grew our range to include The Lowdown and The Midi bringing a whole lot of new possibilities! But we didn’t stop there, our colour range also grew to eight versatile colours giving even more options to mix and match.


Doing good

This was the time we were able to make another dream come true: we partnered with Beam to donate £5 from all UK orders. As a brand that sells products for the home it felt right to support people who need a home. Donating each month is one of our proudest achievements.


2020 Hello sage, hello covid

Our rainbow of colours expanded to include the stunning Sage and our team kept on growing as well! We are so proud to work with a bunch of lovely, creative, kind people. We took the whole ‘family business’ thing to the next level and our partners now work with us at Mustard too! Together we faced the challenges that 2020 brought. Sure we all cried a bit but we tried our best and felt really thankful to get through it all.

2021 A very big launch

After lots of Covid related delays we *finally* launched our biggest locker yet: The Twinny. We also launched a new range of hangers in our now 10 beautiful colours as we welcomed Lilac into the rainbow.


A perfect match

Our first product collaboration came to life and brought a lot of joy with the launch of Wordbits; alphabet magnets that are the perfect playmate for our lockers!


Land of the locker

At last! Our lockers landed in the USA, the home of the high school locker! Since that first walk on the beach, we've been pushing ourselves to dream bigger and launching in America is the result of all that hard work.

2022 Hello poppy

Family is at the heart of what we do here at Mustard so celebrating the newest member of our family, Jess's daughter Poppy with a new colour launch made perfect sense! We added a burst of red to our rainbow and just like baby Poppy, we couldn't imagine life without her!.


Next stop... Europe!

One of our goals is to create an enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish for all our customers. When Brexit made this really hard for us to achieve for our locker lovers in Europe, we set to work on a plan to do things differently. In September we launched our dedicated European website and our products arrived in our new European warehouse. Voila!

The next chapter

Through it all we’re just two sisters, learning, sharing and enjoying this wild ride. We really didn’t know where this dream would take us but we are so glad we took the leap! The rest of the story? We are writing it now, it's good to have you here to share it.

to be