Where's The Skinny + The Shorty?

Ok, let's talk. We know you are wondering why you can't see The Skinny + The Shorty on our US website. Don't worry, you're not going mad. It isn't here, and there is a story behind why that we'd love to share.

When we first launched in America, we did all our homework and made sure we were fully up to date with the import process for bringing our lockers into the United States from China, where they are made (or born, as we like to say!)

It was all good the first time around. Easy peasy! But between our first and second batches of production, a new tariff was brought in that could apply to The Skinny and The Shorty. This would mean paying an exceptionally high charge to be able to import them. We found this out while nine containers were on a boat making their way to the port. So, it was just about as scary as business dramas get!

With lots of work, we made a plan to unload the containers, remove the two products that could be affected, repack them into new containers and put an end to their locker dreams of a life in America by sending them off to the UK and Europe. To put it bluntly, it sucked. But we wanted to protect our business, which meant not taking the risk of importing them. So, with real frowns on our faces, we have to tell you that we won't be getting them back on our US website anytime soon. We're looking at our options and will keep working on it, but there's no timeline for when at this point.

We are sorry we can't end by saying when they'll be back, but we hope you'll find a Mustard locker that's perfect for you.